GN separation equipment shipping to US for construction mud

Mud treatment is required in many different industries.  For GN Solids, the most popular mud treatment is oil drilling mud treatment, or HDD mud treatment.  In recent years, we have more and more project from other industry mud treatment, like piling mud, TBM mud treatment, or construction mud treatment. One batch of mud separation equipment for US client, ready for delivery. The client will use the equipment to treat the construction mud.

1) High G drying shaker with catch tank

The mud will be collected by one big hopper with wide opening, and then transfer to high G drying shaker, to separate the big solids particles.

GN high G drying shaker is equipped with 4 panel composite material shaker screen or coarse steel screen per client’s request. The longer shaker deck can give better separation, and make the solids discharge as dry as possible. The super G force also very important to the dryness of discharge solids.

The high G drying shaker is seated on the catch tank with submersible slurry pump. The slurry pump can suck the mud and feeding to next unit for further treatment.

2017.05.25 Construction mud treatment

2) Desilter Mud cleaner tank

The desilter mud cleaner is the second stage of process. The equipment including

one each mud tank,

one each mud cleaner with 8ea desilter cyclones;

one each centrifugal pump for feeding the cyclone,

one each submersible slurry pump to transfer the clean mud

one each agitator to mixing the mud to avoid settlement

With the desilter mud cleaner unit, the solids above 15-47microns will be separated in large percentage.

2017.05.25 Dewatering Unit

3) Big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge

For fine solids above 2-5microns, high speed decanter centrifuge will be the ideal equipment. The client like the big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD. The hydraulic water treatment can reach up to 400gpm. For actual mud treatment, normally can reach up to around 200-300gpm. The treating capacity can be various obviously per the actual mud condition.

2017.05.25 Decanter Centrifuge

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