Export Mud equipment drilling cuttings handling system

We Manufacture drilling mud equipments and an entire drilling wast handling system,and we have exported mud equipments around the world to many countries. Indian,Venezuela, Indonesia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Morocco,Kazakhstan etc. Many repeated customers proved our reliable service. Now we operates a global network of sales, service, manufacturing, distribution of drilling mud handling equipments and system around the world.

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drilling mud equipment system

drilling mud equipment system

The mud equipment system designed included everything between the bell nipple and the mud pumps,as well as the waste handling system. The assumption was that this rig would be used for several years so almost any reasonable investment in mud equipment would be paid back many fold. In addition, the system was somewhat over-designed, as it is easier to remove a piece of equipment than to add one. The design process focussed on the horizontal sections as that is where the most challenging solids removal situations would occur. The system was designed according to accepted oilfield practice for efficient and effective solids removal from drilling fluids1, 2, 3. The system design needed to account for the following needs and concerns:

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  • The main goal of the mud equipment and waste

handling system is to maintain drilling fluid properties and

minimize waste haul off without slowing down the

drilling process.

  • The dry locations require haul off of drilled cuttings

and waste mud. The system design needs to strive

for minimum of haul off by yielding cuttings in as dry

a state as possible and for a minimum of mud

dumping and dilution to maintain properties. These

goals will help minimize costs by minimizing waste

volumes (cuttings and mud) that require trucking and


  • With the dry loWith the dry location, no sand trap (settling pit)

would be used in the mud handling system.

  • Use a pad rig with a fully mobile mud system to

eliminate the use of transfer pumps that caused

problems for other operators.

  • With the fairly coarse sand to be drilled, the shale

shaker can be the heart of the mud handling system. However, if

screen blinding is a problem and coarse screens are

required, then a great deal of the sand cuttings will

pass through the screens.

hydrocylones desander ,desilter will become the heart of the system.

Sufficient capacity will be required to process the

sand at expected drilling rates without overloading.

  • The low drilling¬† mud weight requirements and dry discharge requirements necessitate that the cones be operated as efficiently as possible and that the cone underflow be centrifuged.

Drilling mud equipments and systems usually including,shale shakers,mud cleaner,vacuum degasser,decanter centrifuges etc.All this equipments are designed for oilfield drilling and can protect the safty of drilling waste handling system.

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