Supply Replacement shaker Screen fit for Derrick Mi-swaco Brandt Shale shaker

To meet our customers needs for finding reliable replacement shale shaker screens for Derrick,Mi-swaco,Brandt type and

Derrick FLC2000 PMD Shaker Screen

Replacement shaker screen for Derrick FLC2000 PMD Shaker 

our own brand GN Solids Control shake screen.

Contact:GN Solids Control

As a Shale Shaker China Manufacturer,we know how to select manufacturers for shaker screens.We also have our own OEM shaker screen factory.

Derrick 503 PMD Shaker Screens

replacement shaker screen for Derrick 503 PMD Shaker 

Just give us your specs and models of shale shaker screen,we find the best supplier for any kind of shaker screen for derrick,mi-swaco,brandt,or GN Solids Control shaker screen.

Derrick FLC2000 Flat shale shaker

replacement shaker screen for Derrick FLC2000 Flat shale shaker

List our recent inquiry for shale shaker screen.

1,Inquiry for replacement screen for  Derrick hook strip shale shaker screen

Could you please advice your price on all mesh sizes of  hook strip shale shaker screen?

We reply all the mesh sizes and provide the info to our customer.:
700mm x 1050mm    Hook strip srceen

Unit price (USD)    PMD Type Screen

Unit Price(USD)

shale shaker screen inquiry

We are a Trading Company based at the Caspian Sea Region and working with Oil/Gas companies since 1998

Currently we need your best EXW price on the item below together with total weight and delivery time:

1. AW-0014-1   Electric teapots                                                                                                 4 ea
2. API-80 (PWP500HP-A80) DERRICK 503 series Shaker screens                                12 ea
3. API-100 (PWP500HP-A100)DERRICK 503 series Shaker screens                             12 ea
4. API-120(PWP500HP-A120)DERRICK 503 series Shaker screens                              12 ea
5. API-140(PWP500DX-A140)DERRICK 503 series shaker screens                              12 ea
6. API-80(WD48XR165L)DERRICK 2000 series Shaker screens                                    12 ea
7. API-100(JD48XR200L)MI-SWACO 2000 series Shaker screens                                  12 ea
8. API-120(JDRX230B)MI-SWACO 2000 series Shaker screens                                      12 ea
9. API-120(JDRX230B)MI-SWACO 2000 series Shaker screens                                      12 ea

Looking forward to receiving your soonest reply.

Shale Shakers China shaker screen Supplier

Besides Derrick,Mi-Swaco shale shaker screen,we also supply replacement shaker screen for Brandt shale shaker.

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