Drilling rig mud system package

GN Drilling rig mud system package are widely used for petroleum drilling and HDD(Horizontal directional drilling rig)

Land Rig mud system Packages

Drilling rig mud system

Drilling rig mud system

We deliver complete, integrated mud system packages for installation on land rigs. Our focus is on delivering custom-designed products and a quick and cost-effective mobilisation and demobilisation process.

Offshore Drilling Rig mud system Packages

We offer a range of world class drilling fluid systems for installation on new builds or upgrades of existing offshore rigs including jack-ups, semis and platforms.

Drilling Mud Equipment

GN Drilling Mud engineers and manufactures a range of drilling fluid systems and equipment. All products are available either as stand-alone products or as part of a bigger package.

Drilling rig mud equipment independent Equipment
* Drilling mud Shale Shaker
* Drilling mud Cleaner
* Fluids Desander
* Fluids Desilter
* Mud Decanting Centrifuge
* Vacuum Degasser
* Sand Pump
* Mud Gas Separator
* Jet Mud Mixer
* Mud Agitator
* Shear Pump
* Submersible Slurry Pump
* Flare Ignition Device
* Mud Gun
* Mud Tank
* Oilfield Equipment Parts

GN Solids Control mud system match for Chinese ZJ series drilling rig.

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