Drilling mud cleaning unit

Description of drilling mud cleaning unit components installed,mud equipments appointment and the work are given below in the technological sequence.

Mud cleaning unit consists of the following parts

Mud cleaning unit

Mud cleaning unit

*Mud shale  Shaker;
* Hydrocyclone cyclone separator;
* Sludge pump;
* Float valve;
* Pipeline pressure;
* Suction pipe;
* Regenerative air heater;
* Electric control unit;
* Semi-weight;
* Tent shelter.

The drilling mud Cleaning unit performs the function of receiving drilling mud from the well and clean it from cuttings.

The mud cleaning unit first tank has three-section container consists of compartments, two of which have a height of 0,9 m and the volume of 4,5 m each, and the third – the height of 1,6 m and the volume of 9 m3. The design capacity of Uneven compartments was adopted based on the technological features of the process of cleaning solution and allows you to combine a relatively low altitude  with the ability to have an appropriate drilling fluid in the event of unforeseen complications in the drilling process. Two identical compartments separated by an overflow partition with sliding shutter, and a third high bay connected with the neighboring compartment overflow pipe with float valve and bypass line with a vane damper.

The first units installed common slurry pumps 6SH8-2. Currently otrabatyvaetsya much more reliable pump having carbide omental site and comparing to the best world samples.

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