Drilled solids discharge Decanting Centrifuges

Drilled solids discharge model decanting centrifuge is for drilling mud barite recovery.

drilled solids decanting centrifuge

drilled solids decanting centrifuge

Following is 1 type of solids discharge model decanting centrifuge.

Two Drilled solids discharge centrifuges, with suitable feed pumps, capable of running in continuous operation, suitable for:
a)Drilled solids discharge mode or barite recovery mode,
b)All types of water based or at a later date oil based well fluids,
c)The drilled solids discharge decanter centrifuge should process fluids with densities between 9 and 20 ppg; there may also be a need to process fluid densities up to 20.0 ppg with possible addition of Hematite
d)Decanter Centrifuges design will be variable speed type to handle high and standard feed rates.
e)Feed rates expected are + 60 gpm (25/7.5 HP) for low volume and + 250 gpm (50/15 HP) for high volume centrifuges
All discrete items for decanting centrifuges, feed pumps, etc should be skid mounted as single units/crane lifts;
All associated feed pumps, lines ancillary equipment to interface with drilling rig solids control/mud tank system;

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