ZJ Drilling rig mud system|Equipments

ZJ drilling series drilling mud recycling system manufactured by GN Solids Control can march all ZJ series drilling rig.GN Solids Control is 1 of top10 China drilling mud equipments manufacturer.

ZJ drilling rig are the models of Chinese made drilling rig,GN Solids Control Mud circulation system for ZJ Drilling rig as below:

  • ZJ Deep well drilling rig mud system:
    ZJ drilling rig mud system

    ZJ drilling rig mud system


  • ZJ70 drilling mud solids control equipments:

·  ZJ70/4500LD Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ70/4500L Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ70/4500DS Desert Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ70/4500D Drilling Rigs

  • ZJ50 drilling mud recycling system:

·  ZJ50/3150L Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ50/3150D E-Drive Drilling Rigs

  • ZJ40 drilling mud solids control equipments:

·  ZJ40/2250T9 Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ40/2250LT Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ40/2250L1 Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ40/2250L Series Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ40/2250DB Drilling Rigs

  • ZJ30 drilling mud circulation system:

·  ZJ30/1700JD Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ30/1700DZ Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ30/1700B Series Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ30/1700 Drilling Rigs

  • ZJ20 drilling mud solids control system:

·  ZJ20/1350ZDB Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ20/1350Z Truck-Mounted Drilling Rigs

  • Other drilling mud circulation system for drilling rig.

·  ZJ15X Slant Hole Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ15/900DB-1 Drilling Rigs
·  ZJ10/585 drilling rigs
·  1500m Drilling Rigs

To the specifications and design of ZJ series drilling mud circulation system,and the marched drilling mud equipments,please contact GN Solids Control sales team.Cost-effective mud equipments and system from GN Solids Control.

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