Drilling mud system design from Existing mud tank

A client from Korean need us to re-design his present mud storage tank and existing shale shaker to be a complete mud recycling system.

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GN Drilling Mud system design as following:

  • 1, About mud tanks capacity and numbers:

The mud system needs 2 tanks,1 recycling tank,1 storage tank. We design and make the recycling tank for you.
Recycling tank Dimensions: 8×2.2×1.8m , Capacity: 36m3
Storage tank: Your present container. We offer you drawing to redesign your container. It’s much easier to re-make your container to be a storage tank then to be a recycling tank.

  • 2.    IS Mud pump included in one mud tank ?

No. Please review our quotation for all equipments for a total mud system.

  • 4.    Is mud tank existed or will make newly?
  • 5.    If it make newly, I wonder how it takes period

Answer: Recycling tank is customized for you, we will make the recycling tank newly, but the recycling tank and other equipments are manufactured by different workforce at the same time. So totally, so it only takes 25 days to make the total mud system for you.

  • 6.    I ask full set last price including container

We enclosed the full quotation for you. Besides the following items we quote you.

ZQJ200×2/100×8 Mud Cleaner 1 Set
Desander cone 8”    1 PC
Desilter cone 4”    2 PCS
Screen (120mesh)830x1080mm    50 PCS
SB5×4-13(30kw) Sand pump 2 Sets
You also need the following items for recycling tank:
A, Recycling tank :(8×2.2×1.8m) Thickness: 6mm Capacity: 36m3
B, Two 7.5 Kw Mud agitator
C, Electric control system and Lighting system
D, Ladder、slide walk、handrail、valve, mud pipe line, clean gate

It’s better to install your shale shaker on the recycling tank as the first treating equipment. We will leave space for the shale shaker for you. Please provide us:
A, Shale shaker dimensions
B, Shale shaker pictures
If you can provide the shale shaker technical info and literature to us, it will also help.

With this solution, you make use of your shale shaker, and use your present container for storage tank.It saves money for you and you get a very efficient total drilling mud system. Please consider, and give us your comments.

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