Fixing mud recycle system with GN Mud Cleaner

GN Solids Control Sales Jessie Keeps communicating with both our customer and engineers,we get more and more clear about customers’ requirements,and is going to figure out a solution with GN mud cleaner for Australian customer Horizontal Directional drilling mud recycle equipment

oilfield mud cleaner

oilfield mud cleaner

Today,we got praise from this customer:

Jessie,Yes I am very interested in the zqj100x10 mud cleaner
Can this be manufactured to be to 200mm shorter so this will fit on to our existing system.
Is it possible to send more pics on this model especially side angle ones and more specific dimension
This could be the answer to my problems if you can shorten the length

Jessie , what I am trying to say is that I want 3 panels on the bottom deck if possible .

can you tell me the dimensions of your panel screens?

Thank you for being so helpful and I respect your persistence and we are very serious about purchasing a mud cleaner to resolve our existing mud recycle system problems.

Then we shot more pictures in details for the mud cleaner especially side angle for the shale shaker.There are still much work to do to solve customer problems,After all,we believe with GN experienced Engineers and patient sales,finally we will be able to  Fix the mud recycle system with  GN Mud Cleaner

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