Drilling fluids(mud) Function and Type

Drilling fluid(mud) is an important component in the drilling process. The drilling fluids(mud) performance very important functions in oil gas drilling,and HDD(Horizontal directional drillling).

Drilling fluids(mud) Function

  • Remove cuttings from well
  • Suspend and release cuttings
  • Control formation pressures
  • Seal permeable formations
  • Maintain wellbore stability
  • Cool, lubricate and support the bit and drilling assembly
  • Transmit hydraulic energy to tools and bit
  • Ensure adequate formation evaluation
  • Control corrosion (in acceptable level)
  • Facilitate cementing and completion
  • Minimize impact on environment

Drilling fluids(mud) system function is for cleaning drilling mud,and recycling drilling fluids.

Drilling Fluid(mud) Types

There are several types of drilling fluids used depending on the drilling conditions encountered:

* Water-based muds are used most frequently. The base may be either:

o fresh water, or

o salt water.

* Oil-based muds.

* Synthetic materials. The oil and gas extraction industry has developed many new oleaginous (oil-like) base materials from which to formulate high-performance drilling fluids.

A general class of these fluids is called synthetic materials, such as

o The vegetable esters,

o Poly alpha olefins,

o Internal olefins,

o Linear alpha olefins,

o Synthetic paraffins,

o Ethers, and

o Linear alkylbenzenes, among others.

* Air and foam fluids may be used in drilling wells.

o These fluids are less dense than drilling muds.

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