Drilling mud combo cleaner

The drilling mud combo claner is a combination of desander desilter,and underflow linear motion shale shaker.

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Drilling mud combo cleaner

Drilling mud combo cleaner

We are XX company an indian independent oil and gas  drilling Company in India, currently operating in the 4 blocks across the country. we need one mud cleaning  system having combo cleaner of desander 2 cone and desilter 18 cone and rest specification is attached kindly quote us your best price .waiting for your reply.

  • Combo Cleaner Mud Combo Unit

The Combo Cleaner combines hydrocyclones and a Vibratory Screen to provide liquid/solids separation at a high flow rate. As a first stage, the mud is processed through the hydrocyclones, the cleaned fluids is carried out the Hydrocyclone overflow and the concentrated underflow (solids) are deposited on a vibratory screen deck. The screen deck imparts a rapid linear motion, producing an energy force that dewaters and conveys the solids to the discharge end of the screen. The screened fluids flows into a collection pan located below the screen deck. The cleaned liquid overflow from the hydrocyclones and the screened liquid may be blended together.Drilling Mud Cleaner Combo Unit – Hydrocyclones over a  Linear Motion Shale Shaker Screening Deck.

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The Combo Drilling Mud  Cleaner is designed to clean drilling fluids to 10 microns. Compact, self-contained, skid mounted units are offered with double or single deck drying shaker, 2-stage hydrocyclone separation to dewater drill cuttings. Standard units have flows from 50 – 150 gpm (higher also available). Our speciality is custom-built systems to your specifications. And with our experience in both HDD(Horizontal Directional drilling) mud system design,and oil & gas drilling mud solids control system design.We can offer brand new and customized combo mud cleaner for your existing system replacement,or design a complete solids control system with the drilling mud combo cleaner as the second stage cleaning equipment.

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