Mud jet mixing system

Mud jet mixing system is available for oil gas drilling & HDD (Horizontal directional drilling).

Jet mixing pump is ok and what i understand from the photographs is that this jet mixing system is for online usage. That means that the mud is to be mixed while the intake of water is going on which is contrary to the actual system adopted in directional drilling wherein the water tanks are filled up first and then the mixing procedure starts so what we actually need is a jet mixing system which can actually act as a stirrer in the mud tank itself.

Mud jet mixing system

Mud jet mixing system

We must also keep in mind that the speed of water intake is much higher than pouring of bentonite so online system for simultaneous water intake and mixing seems a little typical.
Bentonite mixing unit
I will try and send you some snaps of typical mud mixing system used in HDD in my next mail which can throw some more light on what i am trying to convey.

There might be some misunderstanding for our jet mixing sytem,from your description,it seems our system just meet the requirements,pls see enclosed photoes for pipes linkes of our jet mixing the following explanation:

1,For mixing,firstly,water tanks are filled up, then adding bentonite from the hopper,the mixing system mix the bentonite and fluids from the pump,then goes from the blue pipe into the tank.

2,For agitating mud,shut off the valve of theĀ  blue pipe line which links to the tank top side(as in pics),and open the valve of the black tube(which links to the mud gun pipe line),the with the mud gun jet mixing pressure for mud agitating in the tanks.

The jet mixing system is also called jet mud mixing hopper.

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