Desilter Assembly Maintenance-GN Desilter Manufacturer

GN desilter is manufactured by GN Solids Control .We design and manufacture desilter for separating drilling

hydrocyclone desilter

hydrocyclone desilter

fluids,drilling mud.

1. Connect the grout outlet of sand pump and admission inlet with 6″ rubber pipe. The gas hole installed on the top of overflow pipe is used for preventing the siphon effects. A little drilling fluid will be flowed from air-bleed hole when the desilter is running. Air-bleed hole can not be blocked. If not, desilter will be failed to run.
2. Manifold of desilter: Two ends of incoming-stream manifold and overflow manifold should be connected with flange, in which the liquid can flow. The joint of overflow pipe can be rotated in any angle along the axle, through which the 8″ rubber pipe can be fixed in other drilling liquid tank easily. Incoming-stream pipe and overflow pipe of hydrocyclone should be assembled with 90° angle.
3. Firstly, open the fixed equipment of desilter screen box.
4. The operation of desilter is adjusted through the outlet pressure of sand pump.
5.Desilter Screen Assembly
The quality of installation will influence its life and running. Don’t damage the screen artificially and loosen the screen when assembling. If not, the sound “FLAPPING” will be emerged between screen and support rubber strip when shale shaker is running, in which the screen is damaged speedily. However, don’t stretch it tightly. If not, the pre-force of screen is exceed, in which the damaged degree of screen also be speeded or the screen is stretched directly.
If the support rubber strip of screen box is rugged or damaged, press and change it.
6.Slip locking equipment
This equipment locks the roll-axial to tighten the screens. Lock in roll-axial through stretching the slip by bolts. Grease should be feed into the slip locking structure for every replacing of screen to prevent the equipment sticking.
7.The maintenance of desilter screens
Iron parts and other hard particles are forbidden to destroy or tear the screen.
The meshes of screen should be matched according to performance of well liquid. The finer screen(shale shaker screen) should be prior only if the well liquid is flown from the screen, in which the effects will be better.

This Desilter should be maintained forcibly.
Adjust, clean, screw, and change part expired and damaged units if the operation exceeds 500 hours totally.
Check or change tight roll-axial of screen box, and change the cut-cone and spiral case, as well as check the insulation of motors if the operation exceeds 4000 hours totally.

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