Oilfield shale shaker tank (1)

We will update info about a total mud system for our clients from Libya from today.Today is description of the shale shaker tank.

General requirements for all mud tanks.

shale shaker tank

shale shaker tank

Three-runner oilfield type, 7’-10’’ wide with a 6’’ loading hich on each and for tailboarding. skid extenions decked with ¼’’ plate. tank walls rimmed with 7’’ square tubing full length of tanks.tanks side and end walls constructed of ¼’’ crimped plate for rigidity.

Detail requirements for the shale shaker tank.

520 bbls four (4) compartment shaker tank, 10’ widex 8’ deep x 37’’ long mounted on a 40’ long skid per above general spesifications and including.
tank compartments as follows:
91 bbls sand trap compartment
143 bbls degasser compartment
143 bbls desander compartment
143 bbls desilter compartment
three (3) full partition with equalizer valves

grating around shale shaker include tubing handrails and toe boards.
removable walkway with handrails to suction tank and trip tank.
one (1) 12’’ ditch connection to suction tank.
one (1) 6’’ mud gunning line connection to intermediate tank.
one (1) 2’’ water line connection to suction tank
one (1) psi 10 hp agitator supplied and mounted in desilter compartment.
one (1) stair to ground with handrails.
one (1) 1’’ diameter x 25’ long valved water washdown hose.
one (1) water connection to desilter trough.
one (1) water connection to desander trough.
16’’ x 18’’ mud ditch 10’’ dump gate to each compartment.
two (2) shaker slides
two (2)GN patent  shale shakers supplied and installed
one (1) psi 1000 degasser supplied and installed.
one (1) psi 10-cone desilter supplied and instaled.
one (1) psi 2-cone desander supplied and installed.
one (1) 3’’ bottom mud gun with butterfly valve in each compartment.
three (3) 10’’ butterfly valve clean-out gate – one (1) each in desander, degas and desilt compartment.
one (1) 12’’ butterfly valve clean-out gate in sand trap compartment.
two (2) 8×6 centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals and 75 hp, 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 3-phase, 60 hz xp ac motors sup and mounted on the side of the tank.
one (1) 12’’ bottom equalizer to suction tank.

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