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GN Solids Control is an oilfield Decanter centrifuge China Based Manufacturer,our decanter centrifuge rangles from low speed to high speed,and we also supply virable decanter centrifuge for drilling mud.

LW355-1250N series of high speed centrifuge produced by our company can better meet the above requirements.
Model and technical parameters.

Horizontal decanter centrifuge

Horizontal decanter centrifuge

2.1 Centrifuge Model:GLW  355-1250N
High quality stainless steel made
Effective roller length 1250mm
Inner diameter of the roller 355mm

High speed horizontal decanter centrifuge
2.2 Technical parameters
Rated liquid processing capacity:40m3/h
Rated slag tipping capacity:5t/h
Mix separation point:2μm
Rotating speed:3200rpm
Highest separation factor:2035
Main frame power:37kw
Auxiliary frame power:7.5kw
Pump engine power: 5.5kw (standard deploying 5.5kw long-pole pump, can deploy 11kw screw pump according to the need)
Features of this GLW  355-1250N High speed horizontal decanter centrifuge
a)    Oil gas exploration developer wish to use more clean mud drilling to protect the oil gas layer so as to achieve higher oil gas production.
b)    The using of turbo screw drilling technology put forward higher requirements on the mud cleanness.
c)     More attention will be paid to the disused mud treatment, while treat the disused mud is mainly to separate solid phase from liquid phase as much as possible.

Medium speed centrifuge can separate solid phase granule with the diameter of 5~7μm in low-viscosity mud, as to the thinner granule and high-viscosity mud or the granule in oil based mud, it can not separate them well. So, medium speed centrifuge can hardly meet the new requirements of solid-control system, deploying high speed centrifuge is the development trend in future.
LW355-1250N series of Horizontal high speed centrifuge produced by our company can better meet the above requirements.

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