OGCC Declare the New Finding of 3 oil and gas fields

Oil and natural gas corp. today declared the finding of three oil and gas this month, it has approved that they would invest Rs 3241 crore in developing Cluster-7 marginal fields in the western offshore.

ONGC said it discovered gas in a well drilled in East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. Oil and gas in a separate well in shallow waters off the Andhra coast.

Besides oil was discovered in Gujarat block, a company press statement.But ONGC did not give estimation of it.

To invest the discovered oil, the company board approved a capital expenditure of Rs 3241.03 in the first phase of development.

In the first phase, they plan to install four new fixed well platforms and drilling of 20 development wells from which the cumulative production of oil and gas for 16 years. And the production is expected to be 9.73 million tons and 4.52 billion cubic meters.

In their plan, the project is completed in 35 months later, and the first oil is expected in March,2010.

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