Shakers desanders pumps centrifuges in 13 oil wells

Shale shaker,desander,sand pump,and decanter centrifuge are main equipments for drilling mud solids control,the flowing is the report of using conditions for 13 oil wells.

In 13 oil wells, 5 wells use ZS2×1.15×2/3P low-frequency shale shaker, two wells teams using QGZS-G4 Ⅱ high frequency shale shaker, six wells teams using the DHL-1 high-frequency shale shaker. Accounted for using the number of high-frequency screen 61.5%, compared with last year have more greatly enhanced. One QGZS-G4 Ⅱ high-frequency shale shaker for the newly introduced, are used in good condition.

In 13 oil wells, 5 wells teams using the NCS-300 × 2-type Desander, two wells teams using ZCSQ-250×2-type Desander, six wells teams using the ZQJ-250 ×2-type Desander; accounting for the use of the number of 38.46% and 15.39%, 46.15%. Compared to last year, not the magnitude of changes, only to add two new Desander use.

In 13 oil wells a total of 12 teams use the SB-200 wells electric sand pump, a well teams using the SB-6″×8″ electric sand pump. Compared with last year, out of the belt transmission-type sand pump at the same time, the introduction of a new type of mechanical seal type sand pump.

After many years of practical use and continuous upgrading of the decanter centrifuge has been raised from a variety of models of multiple manufacturers into a relatively neat two manufacturers of the three models (which LW450×1000-NJ-type centrifuge at the end of March 2003 to replace eliminated); separation factor reached 800 or more, speed at 1800r/min above are more capable in  separating Sand, but also  facilitate equipment maintenance and management.

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