The harm and treatment significance of abandoned sludge


In general, the typical sources of waste sludge oil sands are as follows: 1) Waste sludge oil sands produced by crude oil tank cleaning 2) Waste sludge oil sands of refineries 3) Drilling waste oil sands. What are the characteristics and hazards of these oil sands?


(1) Characteristics of oil sludge:

Its physicochemical properties are very complex, generally containing aged crude oil, waxy, asphaltenes, colloids and solid suspended solids, bacteria, parasites, salts, acid gases, corrosion products; a small amount of mechanical impurities, heavy metals and salts; Benzene, phenols, strontium, barium and other odorous toxic substances and a small amount of radioactive elements. Water treatment agents such as flocculants, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and fungicides are added in the production process; as well as oil-containing weak acid low-temperature binders, polyacrylamide sulfides and sulfonated mud systems, etc., which are extremely difficult to separate and treat.

(2) Hazardous performance:

When the volatile components enter the sky, the total hydrocarbon concentration of the air quality exceeds the standard; after entering the soil, it will cause damage to the microbial and soil plant ecosystems; after entering the water body, it will destroy the surface water and groundwater ecosystem; the harmful substances in the crude oil have Mutagenicity and carcinogenicity can cause serious damage to human health.


Oil sand separation system

GN solid control cooperated with professional customers and launched the skid-mounted oil sand separation system to solve the problem of oil sand separation. The separation solid control system is a more advanced, stable and reliable, safe and environmentally friendly treatment method, which can fully meet the requirements of field environmental operation conditions; the social value of the environmental protection industry, the economic value of resource recycling and reuse, and the market application prospects. Looking at it, it has great practical significance!

The main equipment involves centrifuges, Shale Shakers, chemical dosing equipment

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