Drilling wastewater treatment process and equipment

With the development of petroleum industrialization, the pollution problem brought by the drilling process has received more and more attention. At present, there is no recognized effective treatment process suitable for drilling waste liquids in China, mainly because of the wide variety of drilling fluids and working fluid systems, complex compositions and different usage conditions. Techniques that result in waste fluids for a particular type or region of an oil field are not necessarily suitable for use with other types or regions of waste. In addition, compared with the current comprehensive level of sewage treatment in the petroleum industry, the treatment cost of drilling waste liquid and wastewater is relatively high, and the treatment effect is general. Overall, the current drilling wastewater treatment technology is still far from satisfactory.


Mainly manifested in:

1, the treatment agent is not high efficiency, can not fully achieve the treatment effect

2, the treatment method is single, the depth of pollutant removal is limited, and the treatment effect on some pollutants is not good

  1. The continuous processing device is not targeted, and the processing cost is high, resulting in reduced efficiency.

According to the above analysis, no matter the above-mentioned treatment technology has a certain range of application, the method selection should be based on a certain method, according to the nature of the waste drilling fluid produced by each oil field and the geography, climate, and location of each oil field. The most reasonable optimization of the characteristics of the environment, and in order to more effectively control the problem of drilling wastewater pollution, it is recommended that future research work should not only strengthen the source and process control, but also develop new technologies. Specifically, there are the following aspects:

  1. Promote clean production, cure the symptoms and improve the efficiency
  2. Develop low-cost, high-performance environmentally friendly drilling fluids to help promote technology
  3. Research and development of new drilling fluid water treatment agent and unified technology to improve overall processing technology
  4. Develop a new technology for harmless comprehensive utilization and make environmentally friendly technologies
  5. Strengthen management control, strengthen process supervision, and control from the source

The clean production drilling fluid purification equipment developed by Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. can effectively reduce the generation of drilling waste, reduce the amount of waste liquid generated by 30~50%, and effectively reduce the cost of harmless treatment. The reduction in the degree of environmental pollutants.

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