GN solid control oil-based cuttings not disposal system

The GN solid-control oil-based cuttings disposal system consists of a collection and transmission device, a drying treatment device, a centrifugal separation device and other auxiliary devices. The system as a whole has sufficient rigidity and stability, and the system equipment runs reliably. The processing system is composed of the GNLW453C-VFD large-speed high-speed centrifuge and the GNCD930D high-speed cuttings dryer.

The main principle of action:

  1. The cuttings removed by the solid-phase control equipment such as the vibrating screen, desilting and de-sluicing device, centrifuge, etc. of the drilling machine solid control system are collected by the collecting and conveying device and transported to the screw conveyor of the dryer feeding.


  1. The cuttings are sent to the dryer in a spiral to carry out solid-liquid separation and drying, and the liquid is discharged into the drain tank of the dryer. The solid phase is spirally conveyed to the cuttings box through the discharge port. When the liquid level of the draining tank of the dryer reaches the warning position, the centrifugal separation device is automatically started to carry out the fine recycling treatment of the aunt.


  1. The solids discharged from the centrifuge are collected through the outer discharge of the slag discharge tank, and the clean mud discharged by the centrifuge is discharged into the clear liquid recovery bin. When the liquid phase in the recovery bin reaches the warning position, the drilling is continued through the external transportation of the conveying device. jobs.

The GN solid-controlled oil-based cuttings non-landing treatment system has the following advantages:

  1. The overall armoring design of the system is convenient for installation and transportation. The armoring can be hoisted and transported without disassembly.
  2. The working speed of the dryer can reach 900~1200r/min. 3. The working speed of the centrifuge is 3000r/min, and the length-to-diameter ratio of the conversion is 3.42. The oil industry has a large aspect ratio design.
  3. The system can realize the automatic automatic operation without liquid automatic discharge. The personnel only need to pay attention to the working state of the dryer and the centrifuge.

5, can adapt to 50% solid content, 2.2g / cm3 high density above the oil-based cuttings processing, and can reach continuous 24 hours continuous working state.

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