The complete set of sludge curing equipment is sold to China new client

Recently, a set of sludge solidification equipment produced by our company GN Solids Control has been assembled and debugged, and will soon be sent to the geothermal well drilling construction site in a China important city to help the construction of the new area of ​​the motherland.

This set of curing equipment is mainly used for the curing of drilling cuttings, and its processing capacity can reach 15m³/h. This system is divided into two skid-mounted parts, namely the drill cuttings storage skid and the curing mixing skid. Drill cuttings storage hopper and solidification mixer are respectively installed on two skids, and the two devices are independent into skids, which is flexible in layout and convenient for shipment.

The system workflow of the sludge curing equipment produced by GN Solids Control is:

1. First, the drill cuttings storage funnel is used to store and receive drilling mud or waste, and then the material is transported to the solidification mixer at a certain flow rate through the screw conveyor at the bottom.

2. The chemical agent in the chemical additive storage box is sent to the curing mixer through a screw conveyor. In this system, the platform of the storage box is designed with a floating platform extending to both sides, which is conducive to the construction personnel to stack chemicals here. Additives for easy construction and efficient work.

3. The materials and chemical additives are fully mixed in the curing mixer, and the materials continue to move toward the outlet of the curing mixer. When the materials are delivered to the outlet, the curing process has been completed. The system also reserves a liquid phase addition port at the inlet of the curing mixer, which can add water, acid, alkali and other chemicals required for curing.

GN Solids Control sludge curing system is to fully mix the curing agent and the material in the curing mixer to complete the curing. During the operation of this system, the adding ratio of materials and curing agent can be set in advance. After the setting is completed, the system can be operated automatically, which greatly reduces labor costs.

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