TBM Slurry Treatment System GN VS NOV

Slurry treatment system is very important for slurry tunnel boring. GN Solids Control is also very professional at TBM (Tunnel Boringslurry separation system for tunneling Machine) slurry treatment system. The picture beside is the most popular slurry treatment system. It usually contains a linear motion shale shaker (GNZS63-3, or GNZS83-3), and a mud cleaner, hydro-cyclones with linear motion shale shaker (GNZS63-3, or GNZS83-3). Also mud tank for storage, centrifugal pump to transport.

How TBM Slurry Treatment System Wrok

We are always learning from the world leaders all over the world, and also insist to invent our own patent products. So here we show you how this work by a schematic of brandt.brandt slurry separation system
First is TBM, where we start, while also an end, the slurry with debris, product by the tunnel boring machine. Then the shale shaker, usually linear motion, then hydro cyclones then shale shaker (mud cleaner as I notied before).

Then the centrifuge, this is depend by your condition, the mud and the object you required, and so on. You can choose a centrifuge, and sometimes you do not need. To Save Cost by choosing a proper plan, and follow professional advise. contact.

The mud tank is alos for storage, and the truck take the soldis separated by the equipments away.

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