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About Drilling mud system and equipments,GN Solids Control Engnineers keeps learning and innovating the oilfield well drilling proved effective mud processing system,and equipments.

Welcome to consult us about drilling mud processing system design.Free Drilling mud processing system design service.

Drilling mud processing system

Drilling mud processing system

I read an artircle about drilling mud system design expirence,and share with you below:

When the Hamaca project was begun, there were already three operators working on heavy oil developments in the Faja: Petrozuata, Sincor, and Cerro Negro. Before the Hamaca project was started, these
operations were visited to help determine current best practices and problems that needed to be addressed.Each of these operators use pad drilling rigs, which are rigs that are designed to move quickly from well to well on a multi-well pad. These rigs use stationary mud processing systems (see picture) that are connected to the mobile rig by flexible umbilicals. The flow line shale shakers and one mud tank (sand trap plus one compartment) move with the rig. The mud is pumped from this pit through an umbilical to a stationary tank where the fluid is processed by various desilter,desander hydrocyclones,mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge to clean the mud. The clean mud is pumped back to the rig through umbilicals.

Simple fresh water-based mud is typically used in the 12-1/4 inch intermediate section. Hole cleaning in the curve is the main concern, and xanthan biopolymers are used to enhance hole cleaning.There were basically two different drill-in fluid systems inuse in the Faja for drilling the 8-1/2 inch section. One is a very typical water-based drill-in fluid with xanthan biopolymer for rheology control, starch for fluid loss control, calcium carbonate for bridging, and biocide. The other system is solids-free: simply xanthan biopolymer and biocide.

GN Solids Control is working on providing international customer with effectively oilfield proved drilling mud processing equipments and system.Free Drilling rig mud processing system design.

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