Sewage treatment centrifuges and dosing devices are sent to customers in the Middle East

Recently, a set of sewage treatment centrifuge with dosing device produced by GN Solids Control will be sent to customers in the Middle East. The centrifuge of this project adopts intelligent, automated, and efficient customized design according to customer requirements. The machine trial effect is very satisfactory.

Features of chemical dosing equipment:

1. Three tanks in one (mixing tank, mixing tank, storage tank) continuous brewing, easy operation and maintenance, low labor cost; according to actual needs, it can be changed to double tank type to make it more economical and reasonable;

2. The machine has the function of proportioning allocation, which can adjust the concentration of liquid medicine required for brewing according to actual needs;

3. The brewing concentration of this machine is uniform and moderate, which can reduce the occurrence of granulation caused by improper manual deployment, which will block the pipeline or pump, and increase unnecessary maintenance costs and powder expenditure;

4. The fusion effect of the medicine and liquid mixer reaches 100%, with unique innovative functions;

5. The machine is uniquely designed with stand-by time and automatic intermittent and paused cross-stirring functions, so that the infusion solution can be uniformly blended and kept in the best use state forever; when the powder supply tank is low in stock, the indicator of the appliance is detected by induction The function assistance of warning and stopping of the dosing pump makes the overall controllability of the machine more perfect.

Features of GN Solids Control 454E series decanter centrifuge:

1. The drum is made of duplex stainless steel SS2305 by centrifugal casting, and its performance is better than SS304 and SS316.

2. The centrifugal casting process makes the drum more uniform in texture and has good dynamic balance performance.

3. The slag discharge port of the centrifuge and the slurry outlet of the screw pusher are inlaid with tungsten carbide cemented carbide sleeves, which are extremely wear-resistant and not easy to break.

4. The screw pusher is inlaid with wear-resistant alloy sheets, which has a longer life and reduces the number of maintenance.

5. PLC control panel control, sensors can be placed on the centrifuge to monitor the status of the machine. GN Solids Control focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of separation and conveying equipment. E series decanter centrifuges are mainly suitable for solid-liquid separation of mineral oil, chemical viscous materials, fruit juice, coffee, tea, wine, soy milk, biodiesel, starch, etc.

If you want to know more about GN Solids Control, we sincerely welcome you to inquire or visit our company.

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