Urban construction waste slurry treatment system used in North America

Recently, a set of construction slurry treatment system produced by GN Solids Control has been put into use in construction mud treatment stations in North America, and the system has been successfully introduced to the international market, and will soon be sent to foreign customers, including the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions Engineering construction unit. The system has the characteristics of small footprint, low cost, and significant treatment effect, and can also be widely used in tunnel shield and pipe jacking projects and trenchless directional crossing projects.

This mud separation system is mainly composed of four solid-liquid separation modules: coarse screening, vibrating screen, desanding and desilting cyclone and decanter centrifugal dehydrator. Its working principle is as follows:

1. The mud tanker transports the mud produced by urban construction to the treatment station. First, the big rocks are filtered out through the collecting funnel, and then the small rocks are screened out through the coarse screen. The remaining mud is filtered and collected to the transfer station. In a jar

2. The slurry supply pump pumps the slurry from the transfer tank to the vibrating screen for further solid phase separation and removes the large particles of sand and gravel;

3. After the mud passes through the shale shaker for preliminary solid-liquid separation, it is pressurized to the desander cyclone by the slurry pump in the system. After high-speed cyclone separation, the grit components with a particle diameter greater than 40 microns are removed, and the fine sand is separated into the transfer tank, and then pressurized by the slurry supply pump to the desilting cyclone. The desilting cyclone will be more than 20 microns The particles are separated, and the mud below 20 microns is returned to the mud storage tank and pumped to the construction machinery for recycling after reproportioning.

4. The high-speed centrifugal dewatering centrifuge equipped with this system can separate the fine particles of 5-20 microns in the mud to ensure the performance of the mud.

Centrifuges produced by GN Solids Control are widely used in drilling mud treatment, sewage environmental protection treatment, oily sludge treatment, chemical and food and beverage industries.

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