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Sand management is very important on oil and gas drilling, it effects the the drilling work, oil and gas production.
On the drilling work, the sand management is always referred as solids control system. Because the sand manage equipment is mainly a desander, and is a part of solids control, and if we want to have a excellent result, we must combine shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and so on.

sand management desander
Desanding the oil product is also important to make the oil clean. And thus desander is a very important part of it, and there are a lot sand control companies to do this.

Sand Management Companies


We are an ever expanding network of upstream oil and gas related companies that have come together to tackle sand management related issues.

Sand Management

Sand production is unpredictable, rarely consistent and its management solution never universal. Sand management is therefore not just a separation problem

Sand Management System

Roxar’s powerful field monitoring system, Fieldwatch and a specialist sand management module delivering superior data management and reporting features.

Sand Monitoring Services Ltd, Sand Management Strategy

Sand Monitoring Services Ltd pioneers of sand and corrosion detection technology for Well Testing, Fracture Stimulation, UBD, Workover scale milling & sand ..

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