Prime Drilling Rig HDD mud system

GN Solids Control is much professional in compact HDD mud system manufacturing. Recently we got purchase order from Russia and the end user is HDD contractor with Prime Drilling Rig. They want to match a small mud system to recycle the drilling mud effectively to save cost. After we show our project list for different users with Ditch Witch Rig, Vermeer Rig, American Augers Rig, the prime drilling rig customer is much impressive on GN compact mud system.

Prime Drilling Rig Mud System

Now the Prime drilling rig mud system is ready for delivery. It is equipped with solids control equipment as below:

one unit of small mud tank which can be put into one 20feet container;

one unit of mini mud cleaner with 2 panel shale shaker ( GNZS752) and 4 each 4inch desilter cones; the treating capacity is 200gpm.

One unit of centrifugal pump installed in slope tank for feeding desilter cones

One unit of centrifugal pump installed in the end of the mud tank to mixing hopper.

One unit of centrifugal pump as spare parts, which can be replace each of the pump for feeding desilter cone or for mixing hoppper

one unit of mixing hopper, 4 inch.

One unit of control panel; the user just need to plug the power generator with the control panel and then can use the the compact mud system. If for generator, it may require 100KW generator. We can also buy the generator for customer and match for them.

Prime Drilling Rig HDD System


Mud system inspection before delivery

As GN headquarter is much close to Beijing International Airport, we welcome our domestic customer / international customer for equipment inspection before delivery. The customer can test the equipment with water by himself. After the customer satisfy with the manufacturing of equipment and the test result, then, we can arrange the shipment.

GN Solids Control Mud System

Except for small/compact mud system, we can also offer oil drilling big mud system, like 2500hp rig mud system/2000hp rig mud system/1500hp rig mud system/1000hp rig mud system etc.

We can also offer mud system for coalbed methane drilling rig, diamond drilling rig, geothermal drilling rig etc. For more information, pls read more from GN official website:

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