Portable micro decanters sold to north America for mining coring drilling

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of decanter centrifuges. It has been committed to the design and development of decanter centrifuges for industrial separation for many years. After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, GN Solids Control has sold its products to the world. In many countries and regions, GN Solids Control has been able to design and manufacture various types of centrifuges with drum diameters as small as 200mm (9 inches) and as large as 760mm (30 inches). Recently, our company has successfully produced a batch of portable micro decanter centrifuges for users in the north America for mining core drilling, and sent them to the customer’s site, which was affirmed by the customer.


GN Solids Control 220 series decanter centrifuges are small drum centrifuges with a drum size of 220mm (9 inches) and compact design structure. They are widely used in solid-liquid separation under conditions that require small throughput or limited space. , and this series of centrifuges are also a good choice for the experimental test of decanter centrifuges. According to different working conditions of customers, our company can also provide customers with three different control configuration options: constant speed control, frequency conversion control and full hydraulic control.

The material of the 220 series decanter centrifuge bowl is made of two-way stainless steel SS2205, which is cast by centrifuge. In addition, the slag discharge port of the centrifuge and the slurry discharge port of the pusher are all protected by tungsten carbide carbide inlays, which have high durability and longer service life; the centrifuge pusher is protected by a replaceable wear-resistant alloy sheet, which can effectively extend the service life and easy maintenance. It can be combined with other separation equipment to form solutions for different scenarios, such as shale shaker, screw conveyor and other equipment. GN Solids Control also has a professional electrical department, focusing on supporting professional PLC systems and electronic control systems for centrifuges, greatly improving The practicality and operability of the centrifuge. and centrifuge can work with other equipment together and become a package solution, like shale shaker and vertical cutting dryer.

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