Oilfield waste disposal treatment unit sold the Middle East Market

With the increasing difficulty of oil drilling development, more and more oil-based muds are used in drilling, but oil-containing drilling cuttings will be generated during the use of oil-based muds, which will cause great harm to the environment. Most countries in the world have strict restrictions on the discharge standards of oily drill cuttings. The cuttings dryer, centrifuge, screw conveyor and screw pump sold to customers in the Middle East will be used in the treatment of oil-based drilling mud to meet customer requirements.

1. GN Solids Control oil-based vertical cuttings dryer

The cuttings dryer uses the centrifugal force generated by mechanical rotation to realize the separation of solid-liquid mixture, and can recover the liquid phase in the cuttings. Drill cuttings pass through the feeding port and enter the space between the screen basket and the screw through the distribution plate. The rotating speed of the GN cuttings dryer is up to 900RPM and the separation factor is 420G. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid phase and small particles (centrifugal liquid) pass through the material layer, pass through the screen basket, and flow along the upper cover into the upper part of the machine base. The solid part of the drill cuttings is kept inside the screen basket, because there is a speed difference between the rotor scraper and the screen basket, the rotor scraper will remove the drill cuttings from the screen. The screen basket is scraped off and pushed to the bottom of the screen basket, so that the dehydrated drill cuttings are discharged into the collecting funnel under the machine or the bottom screw conveyor.


2. Waste treatment decanter centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge can further process the liquid phase separated by the cuttings dryer to reduce the density, so that the oil-based mud can be reused. The finishing of the GN Solids Control centrifuge is all processed by numerical control equipment, with high processing precision and good consistency. After the main rotor parts are processed by high-precision CNC equipment, the centrifuge goes through three dynamic balancing processes, including the 1800RPM medium-speed dynamic balance of the main rotor components, the high-speed dynamic balance of the actual working speed of the screw rotor, and the overall dynamic balance to ensure centrifugal The machine runs stably under high-speed conditions.

3. Screw conveyor

Screw conveyors are widely used in the transportation of solid waste in the treatment of drilling waste mud. The GN Solids Control screw conveyor has a support frame, which better protects the motor reducer, and at the same time improves the rigidity of the conveyor to meet the installation requirements of different working conditions. The upper cover of the screw conveyor can be protected by a detachable sealing plate or steel grating to improve the safety of use. The screw conveyors supplied to customers are mainly used for conveying cuttings processed by drilling cuttings dryer and cuttings processed by centrifuge.

4. Screw pump

The requirement of the centrifuge for the liquid supply pump is that the liquid supply is stable, and the screw pump has a stable liquid supply and can be metered, which is exactly matched to the use of the centrifuge. The icing on the cake for centrifuge processing.

If you have any questions about oil-based cuttings handling, you are welcome to consult GN Solids Control.

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