A batch of drilling mud solids control centrifuges are sold to African customers

GN Solids Control is a manufacturer of drilling mud solids control equipment, of which Africa is one of GN’s main markets, especially with the high oil price this year, the African market is becoming more and more important.

Last week, GN Solids Control delivered a batch of drilling mud solids control centrifuges to an African drilling rig contractor. Centrifuge is the key processing equipment for solid phase control of drilling mud. Usually, after the drilling mud is returned from the drilling rig, the harmful air is removed by the liquid-gas separator, and then sent to the shale shaker, and then further removed by the desander or desilter. The pellets are finally sent to a decanter centrifuge.


The GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge can remove solid particles larger than 2-5 microns, no matter light gravity drilling mud or heavy gravity drilling mud, the rotor and the augers operate at different speeds to realize the solid phase control of the drilling fluid. GN decanters can also run at low speed to recover barite from drilling mud.

If sorted by drum diameter, GN Solids Control decanters are available in 220mm, 360mm, 450mm, 550mm and 760mm models. The rotating shares of all decanter centrifuges are centrifugally cast, the solid discharge port is protected by a tungsten carbide alloy sleeve, and the screw pusher is inlaid with tungsten carbide hard alloy sheets, which are more wear-resistant and have a longer service life and have been repaired and replaced.

This project GN Solids Control provides 6 sets of 360mm diameter decanter centrifuges, all of which are controlled by frequency conversion cabinets and fixed by HMI touch screen, which can easily change the operating parameters such as speed and differential speed. The centrifuge is fixed with a temperature sensor and a vibration sensor to monitor the operation of the two main bearings, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment without overheating and the abnormal vibration of the entire rotating assembly.

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