Derrick DP600(Dual pool 600) shale shaker on CIPPE

Derrick Equipment Company has agent in China,They brought Derrick DP600(Dual pool 600) shale shaker on 10th CIPPE.

The Derrick DP 600 (Dual Pool 600 shale shaker)incorporates numerous patent pending technological advancements designed to meet and exceed the evolving needs of the drilling industry. Innovative dual concave screen frame, increased fluid-handling capacity, a newly designed screen compression system and an optional scalping deck combine to provide a new standard in screening equipment.

For a more cost effective drilling program, see what the Dual Pool 600 Shaker has to offer!



The revolutionary DP 600 shaker provides increased capacity without enlarging its footprint. Fluid Centering Technology maximizes fluid throughput by forcing the feed to the center of each of the two concav

e screen beds.

The DP 600 screen panels are secured via a newly designed Actuated Screen Compression System rather than conventional tensioning.

As a China leading manufacturer for complete line equipments for drilling mud solids control equipments,GN Solids Control also took part in 10th CIPPE with many visitors.

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