Mud tank automatic tank clean system supply to offshore drilling platform

Recently, GN Solids Control has successfully customized a set of automatic mud tank cleaning system for domestic offshore drilling platforms, which is mainly used in the automatic cleaning of mud tanks on offshore drilling platforms, effectively improving the cleaning efficiency of mud tanks and reducing the work of cleaning workers. Time, the equipment has been sent to the offshore drilling platform and the acceptance has been completed, which has been fully affirmed by the customer. This set of automatic tank washing system mainly includes the following module equipment contents.

1. Flushing module

This set of automatic tank washing system is equipped with two sets of high-pressure flushing pumps. The high-pressure pump is used to flush the mud that is difficult to clean in the mud tank, effectively reducing the time for workers to clean the mud deposited in the tank, improving work efficiency and effectively reducing labor costs. also GN supply centrifugal pump for mud transfer.


2. Mud suction module

Compared with the traditional conveying pump, the hose pump provided by our company has better self-priming ability and can effectively transport high specific gravity and high viscosity materials.

3. Mud purification module

The cleaned mud is solid-liquid separated by a high-efficiency inclined plate separator inclined plate settler produced by our company. The solid phase particles slide down the inclined plate into the sludge silo, and then pass through the low-speed screw conveyor at the bottom of the sludge silo. Push it to the discharge port for discharge. Our company also provides a chemical flocculation system for customers, which flocculates some fine solid phase particles into large solid phase particles to obtain better solid-liquid separation effect and separate more solid phase.

4. Mud storage and transportation module

The water treated by the mud purification module is stored in the mud storage tank for repeated mud tank cleaning.

5. Abandoned cuttings box module

The solid phase separated by the mud purification module is stored in the waste cuttings box, which is convenient for subsequent transportation and processing.

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