Mud Recycling Tank system for HDD project

Recently, we have one overseas clients requiring one sets 500gpm mud recycling tank system for HDD project. The client is GN old client who bought one set 500gpm system 3 years before. Now, they need more equipment to support the upcoming new projects. Based on the former mud system, the clients give request on the technical parameters:


 Part 1: Recycle unit:

Same layout as their original unit – shale shaker, shaker with desnader and desilter, 2x pumps for cyclone and 1x feed \ transfer pump

Delete the mud hopper

Size of 40ft container with locking device for track

Recycle unit will be 7.5m length and rest of the length will be flat skid for mount in Generator

Unit needs to have lifting hooks for crane

Feed hose entrance from pit and clean mud hose needs to be at the base floor height – unit is going to be mounting permanent on track.

Electrical panels must be height quality and have power socket for pit pump 22kw

Submersible slurry pump, or Pit pump 22kw x 2units

The width of the unit with the rail folded cannot be more then 2.5m

Total height of the unit 3.20m – so if volume size is changed please extend the length of the unit from 7.5m to more.

replacement shaker screen for Swaco Mongoose

Part 2: Exit pit shaker with small tank:

Shale Shaker 500gpm

Mud Tank size 3m x 2.5m

Max height with shaker mounted 3.2m

Transfer pump to push mud 1.35 kg/cm3 to 800 distance (30-45kw motor)

Electrical panel to operate shaker, transfer pump and to have power socket and operation of exit pit.

Lifting with crane


Part 3: Spare part list:

 Shaker screens x 10pc (same as last offer)

Extra vibrator

Electrical spare buttons x 20pc

Spare cyclone desander

Spare cyclone desilter x 2 pc

After we have several email communication and several times modifications on the drawing. The client is very happy with the commercial proposal & technical proposal. GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer for HDD compact mud system and other solids control equipment, pls contact us freely for any requirements.


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