Mud cooling system

GN solids control design and manufacture a complete solids control system/drilling mud system for oil & gas drilling, now we need a mud cooling system in our design, to make it more user-friendly. Usually we call the mud cooling system as mud cooler.


Application of mud cooling system

Scomi Oiltools Mud Cooling System

Scomi Oiltools Mud Cooling System

  • Oil, Gas, Geothermal Drilling – cooling drilling fluids
  • Oil and Gas Refineries – gas cooling/condensing
  • Petro-Chemical – steam condensing
  • Power Generation – fluid cooling
  • Steel – waste water cooling

In Oil, Gas, Geothermal Drilling ,the Mud Cooling system is used to reduce the temperature of drilling fluid returned to the surface.


In HT / HP wells the temperature of the drilling fluid must be strictly controlled to keep it’s properties within the specified parameters for that particular well. If the temperature of the drilling fluid is allowed to increase then a variety of problems can occur such as high equivalent circulating density (ECD), formation breakdown, lost circulation, packing off, stuck pipe and evaporation of the oil and water phase.


Why use mud cooler?


1 crew safety

2 Reduction of mud temperature in return lines especially important in Oil based systems to be maintained below flash point.

3 reduction of mud temperature reduces the risk of fire, blowouts, and helps provide safer drilling operation/ environment.


Benefits to well, drilling fluids, downhole equipment


1 reduction of temperature while circulating and drilling helps to maintain rheological properties of the mud and a reduction in the used of additives

2 increased wellbore stability, reduction of corrosion of the drill pipe and downhole tools, therefore a reduction of metal debris in the fluid.

3 less impact on the performance of downhole motors, especially important when drilling near the reservoir in HP/HT wells.

4 Increased transportation of drilling cuttings back to the surface.


If you are good manufacturer of mud cooling system in China, similar with Scomi Oiltools Mud Cooling System, pls contact GN solids control for cooperation.

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