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As a drilling mud equipments and system manufacturer, now we have an inquiry for drilling mud cooler to integrated into our drilling mud system.

Drilling mud cooler

Drilling mud cooler

The drilling mud cooler specifications:
1. Mobile Drilling Mud Cooler
2. Minimum capacity is 900 GPM
3. The system completed by pumps & piping for temperatures ( Bottom Hole
Temperature at End Section ) below :
a. Type 1 well :
1. 26” phase 112°F
2. 17”1/2 phase 200°F
3. 12”1/4 phase 265°F
4. 8”1/2 phase 280°F
5. 6” phase 320°F @ 8600 ft TVD as TD
b. Type 2 well :
1. 26” phase 112°F
2. 17”1/2 phase 190°F
3. 12”1/4 x 14”1/2 315°F
4. 12”1/4 phase 335°F
5. 8”1/2 phase 390°F
6. 6” phase 410°F @ 12,100 ft TVD as TD
c. Type 3 well :
1. 26” phase 96°F
2. 18”1/2 phase 112°F
3. 14”1/2×17”1/2 175°F
4. 12”1/4×14”1/2 275°F
5. 10”5/8 x 12”1/4 365°F
6. 8”1/2 phase 395°F
7. 6” phase 415°F @ 12,200 ft TVD as TD
d. Type 4 well :
1. 26” phase 96°F
2. 18”1/2 x 22” 112°F
3. 17”1/2 x 20” 160°F
4. 14”1/2 x 17”1/2 255°F
5. 12”1/4 x 14”1/2 265°F
6. 10”5/8 x 12”1/4 290°F
7. 8”1/2 phase 370°F
8. 6” phase 425°F
If anybody who is able to supply the drilling mud cooler in China for the drilling mud system, please feel free to contact us for more info about the drilling mud cooler.

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  1. Mud cooling system Says:

    […] GN solids control design and manufacture a complete solids control system/drilling mud system for oil & gas drilling, now we need a mud cooling system in our design, to make it more user-friendly. Usually we call the mud cooling system as mud cooler. […]

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  1. 1. Mike Phe Says:

    We are a service company based in Malaysia providing Mud Coolers to the
    Drilling industry. Our mud cooler are used by major oil companies in the south east region. We only rent our mud coolers and also provide service engineers to operate our mud coolers. If your company requires such equipment and
    service, please contact Mr. Manno email address

  2. 2. Dennis Friesen Says:

    I am interested in a more complete specification for your drilling mud coolers. Also a price indication.


    please send me information for your mud cooling System

  4. 4. N CHOUDHURY Says:

    may i know regarding mud cooler of Nov brandt equipment.full spacification and picture.

  5. 5. Tommy Says:

    I am interested in a mud cooler as of right now we are leasing 1 by day rate and looking to buy 1.
    Thanks Tommy

  6. 6. hassan obeidat Says:

    we’re Ali&Sons company .a service provider for Air drilling and mud cooling services,our mud coolers can work in both onshore and offshore operations.our onshore mud coolers are a glycool close loop system which doesn’t required a water for cllonig purposes.we have 4 complete packages of mud coolers and 4 complete packages for aerated mud drilling.
    if somebody interesting in these services please contact me on:

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