Oct 31

As a drilling mud agitator and sand pumps manufacturer, we inquiries from our international mud tanks manufacturer client asking for buying mud agitators and sand pumps from us. Because outsourcing mud agitators, and sand pumps will save their cost, and production price.

I am interested in the prices for the mud mixing pumps ( with explosion proof motors ) , 11 Kw and 15Kw agitators,sand pumps etc , as we are producers of mud tanks for the oil industry here in Libya.

As a mud tanks manufacturer, Our Company is working with all major oil Contractors in Libya , and are depending on orders from them.

The world crisis is affecting our part of the world too. Rig count here is down too
At the moment we have orders for 2 x 3,000 bbls drilling mud systems only – we will be looking for the equipment for them, but last time the conditions which we received from your Company ( also prices ) were not very different from the prices which we have for similar equipment from the United States. And you must understand , that in such case we are going to purchase from there – as reputable manufacturer.

To buy from your Company you must be much more aggressive in pricing and delivery conditions – please re-consider.
We are still interested in all mud tank additional equipment : mud agitators, mud guns, pumps and maybe shale shakers

I appreciated your call – you must understand , that our purchase will depend not only on the price , but  also on after sale services and spare parts availability , as we want to offer to our customers reliable products.

Please send me a Proforma Invoice – based on 20 ft volume container – C & F to Tripoli , Libya for the following :

1. 8 x 11 Kw mud agitators

2. 8 x 15 Kw mud agitators

3. 4 x 30 Kw sand pumps

4. 4 x 37 Kw sand pumps

5. 20 drilling mud guns

Consumables for above pumps – seals or mud guards.

We are looking forward to cooperating mud tanks manufacturers, we manufacturer equipments like mud agitators, sand pumps, shale shakers or centrifuge them.Work on win-win situation.

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