M-I Swaco Mud Cleaner Replacement

M-I Swaco Mud Cleaner are widely used in oilfield drilling around world.GN Solids Control can supply customized mud cleaner  for Replacement of M-I Swaco line of mud cleaners.

M-I Swaco Mud Cleaner Replacement

M-I Swaco Mud Cleaner Replacement

Buy M-I Swaco¬† replacement mud cleaner from GN,you’ll enjoy:

  • Less operation cost,GN mud cleaner shaker screen are soft strip screen with duration for over 10 days,and only USD20 for 1 screens.
  • Cusomized design for specific application from HDD mud system to oil gas drilling mud system.
  • Most competive price:World class quality,China Competive Price,1 of 10 top manufacturers in Solids control.

The M-I SWACO line of mud cleaners consists of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a mud shale shaker to operate as a single unit.

Below is the Inquiry from customer for replacement of their M-I Swaco mud cleaner



M-I SWACO 212/6T4 Mongoose Pt Mud Cleaner with Dual Motion Adjustable Shaker with wedge lock tensioners, two (2) 2 HP vibrator motors and one (1) 0.6 HP vibrator motor, 60 hz, 440-480 volt, ATEX


If you want to quote an equivalent mud please specify brand and attach technical information (catalogue and tab maintenance)

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