Module -based oil -containing dwarf heat washing separation system is sold to overseas service projects

The oil -containing sludge treatment system produced by GN SOLIDS Control is mainly used to handle the mud from the drilling platform, refinery and oil tank at the bottom of the oil. It is designed for processing high viscosity and high -quality solid amounts of mud. After the GN oil -content sludge treatment system is treated, it can be obtained from three products: oil, water and solid.

Last week, GN Solids Control provided overseas project customers with a complete set of oil -containing processing equipment. The main configuration included:

1. Material pumping vacuum pump module

This module mainly includes air compressors, gas tanks and vacuum pumps. The GN vacuum pump is a pump with air as the power source. The air compressor in the module generates the power to provide power to the vacuum pump through the air tank. The vacuum pump can be used to transport drilling waste, industrial slurry, chemical powder, building aggregate, sludge, kitchen waste and other materials. Its powerful transportation capabilities make it perform well in terms of mud transportation and can complete the transportation task well. Provide a guarantee for the following premixing hot washing module.

2. Premier hot cleaning module

Due to the high solid content, large viscosity, and poor liquidity that customers need to deal with, GN Solids Control has set up premium hot washing modules, mixed with tanks with mixers to prevent the sludge from precipitation. At the same time, the mixed tank has heating function. By stirring heating and dilution, the material has better liquidity, so that the vibration screening module can be transported through the submersible pump.


3. Shale Shaker screening module

The Shale Shaker produced by GN SOLIDS Control can separate a larger solid particles from the diluted clay, creating more suitable conditions for the separation of the snail centrifugal. GN SOLIDS Control can also produce Shaker Screen at the same time, and the screen network meets the API RP 13C standard.

4. The separation module of the solid liquid solid liquid in the reclining snail

After the shacking of the Shale Shaker, the sludge pump was split into the Decanter Centrifuge for two phases. The solid oil content after isolated is ≤5%, and the liquid phase is mainly oil and water. The solid phase can be treated in the next step, and the liquid phase is transported to the disc separator through the screw pump.

The oil -containing sludge treatment system designed by GN SOLIDS Control is of great significance for waste treatment. It can be used to reduce quantitative treatment and recycle a large amount of oil. Energy -saving and emission reduction, waste use, and efficient recycling, in line with the global trend of the global environmental protection industry.

If you have any need for oil -containing sludge treatment equipment and schemes, please contact GN Solids Control.

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