5 sets of drilling oil-based mud processing equipment that do not fall on the ground are exported to the African market

Recently, in three months, GN completed the project of 5 sets of drilling oil-based mud non-landing complete sets of equipment exported to Africa. The customer arranged for a third-party inspection DNV to conduct factory testing and equipment acceptance of the product. The 5 sets of drilling oil-based mud non-falling equipment have passed the third-party acceptance of the customer.

The 5 sets of drilling rig mud non-falling equipment mainly include the following equipment:

1. 5 sets of vertical cuttings dryer and skid-mounted lifting bracket

   The core equipment for drying and processing of oil-based cuttings that do not fall to the ground, its model is GNCD930G. It can meet the requirements of large-scale 2000HP (80 type drilling rig) oil-based cuttings without falling to the ground.

2. 10 sets of decanter centrifuges and skid-mounted brackets

   Among them, 5 sets of decanter centrifuges are used for the customer’s drilling rig solid control mud treatment, and the other 5 sets of decanter centrifuges are used for the separation of fine particles of drilling fluid discharged from the supporting dryer, so as to meet the reuse of oil-based mud that does not fall to the ground. This time the customer purchased GN’s best-selling model: GNLW363D, including 5 power frequency centrifuges and 5 variable frequency centrifuges.


3. Auxiliary equipment for drilling oil-based mud without landing

    Auxiliary equipment includes 40 GNSC series screw conveyors, some of which are used to feed the dryer, and some of the screw conveyors are used to convey the slag material to the centrifuge and the dryer. The screw conveyor is also equipped with a mechanical speed regulation function and an electric control start control cabinet. In addition, the auxiliary equipment purchased by the customer also includes 15 screw pumps, of which 5 are used to flush the cuttings dryer and 10 are used to feed the decanter centrifuge.

The user of this project is a large local oil development company with its own oil field and drilling team, as well as a mud service company. Working with GN Solids Control since ten years ago, there is a business collaboration with GN every year. This time, the purchase of 5 sets of 2000HP large-scale drilling rigs solids control centrifuges and oil-based mud non-drop processing equipment is a continuous trust and recognition of GN products and services. GN will also create value for customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices, and timely and professional services.

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