Middle East safety standard screw conveyor supplied to drilling company

GN Solids Control has been providing drilling solids control equipment and waste conveying equipment to global customers for many years. Last week, GN Solids Control provided 8 screw conveyors to the drilling company.

The screw conveyor supplied this time has the following functions:

1. The cover plate on the top of the spiral is made of steel grating, which is detachable. At the same time, one end is a hinge and the other end is a locking bolt. The cover plate is opened conveniently and quickly.

2. Equipped with a pull switch, when someone opens the cover, the screw will automatically stop. When the pull switch is not reset, the screw cannot be restarted, which has high safety.

3. In order to further improve the safety of the equipment, the electric control box is equipped with an emergency stop switch to realize emergency shutdown.


4. When the screw is started, the sound and light alarm on the electric control box will alarm to remind the surrounding workers that the screw is about to start, and the sound and light alarm time can be adjusted. When the alarm time is up, the spiral will start automatically.

5. There is an obvious safety reminder mark on the spiral, which meets the HSE requirements. At the same time, the electric control of the motor and the spiral equipment are grounded.

6. Spraying system, along both sides of the entire spiral, there are clean water flushing pipelines, with nozzles and valves, so that the spiral can be rinsed without opening the spiral cover to prevent the spiral from clogging.

7. The cover plate of the screw conveyor is designed to prevent collapse to prevent accidents caused by operators stepping on the cover plate by mistake.

The screw conveyor can directly collect the solid waste separated by shales shaker, desilter, desander, decanter centrifuge and other equipment at the drilling site, and transport it to the location where the customer needs to be delivered. It plays an important role in the project that the mud does not fall to the ground.

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