GNOST-15B Oil Sludge Treatment System Sold to Environmental Company in the Middle East Market

GN Solid Control, a company specializing in oil sludge treatment, has successfully provided a complete set of oil sludge treatment systems to an environmental client in the Middle East. This system is primarily used for treating oil sludge from drilling platforms, refineries, and the bottoms of oil tanks. Designed specifically for high viscosity and high solids content oil sludge, the GN oil sludge treatment system produces three main products: oil, water, and solids.

Recently, GN Solid Control Company delivered a complete oil sludge treatment system to their environmental client in the Middle East. The system includes the following main components:

Pumping Module:

The core equipment in this module is a vacuum pump. GN’s vacuum pump is an air-powered pneumatic pump. The module includes an air compressor that generates compressed air to power the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is capable of transporting various materials such as drilling waste, industrial slurry, chemical powders, construction aggregates, oil sludge, and kitchen waste. Its strong conveying capacity makes it excellent for oil sludge transportation, effectively completing the conveying task by delivering the oil sludge to the preliminary screening module.

Preliminary separation Module:

The main equipment in this module is a mining screen. After the materials are crushed by a crusher, they pass through the mining screen for particle separation, separating large solid particles. The separated materials are then transported to the heating and mixing module. GN Solid Control has independently developed and produced various models of mining screens with excellent separation efficiency and long service life.

Heating and Mixing Module:

Due to the high solids content, high viscosity, and poor flowability of the oil sludge material that the client needs to treat, the GN oil sludge treatment system is equipped with a heating and mixing module. The mixing tank is equipped with an agitator to prevent oil sludge precipitation. The mixing tank also has a heating function to improve the fluidity of the material through agitation and heating, facilitating pumping. This module is placed in a 20-foot container.


Fine material separation Module:

The system utilizes the GN GNZS706 dual-deck shale shaker. The upper deck uses a lower mesh number screen, while the lower deck uses a higher API number screen. Multiple screening processes with a large screening area and extended time result in better separation conditions for the decanter centrifuge. The shale shaker uses GN Solid Control’s own production of shaker screen, which comply with the API RP 13C standard.

Decanter Centrifuge Module:

After the oil sludge is screened by the shale shaker, it is pumped into the GN decanter centrifuge for two-phase separation. The separated solid phase has an oil content of ≤5%, while the liquid phase consists mainly of oil and water. The solid phase can undergo further hazardous waste treatment, while the liquid phase is transported to the disc stack separator by a screw pump. The centrifuge model used in this system is the GNLW553D-VFD.

Chemical Dosing Module:

To enhance the separation efficiency of the horizontal screw centrifuge, chemical dosing is typically used. Demulsifiers are used to break up more oil, while flocculants are used to separate more solid residues. The chemical dosing module includes demulsifiers, surfactants, and flocculants for oil sludge treatment.

The oil sludge treatment system designed by GN Solid Control is of great significance for waste treatment as it enables reduction in waste volume while recovering a significant amount of oil. It meets current environmental requirements by achieving energy savings, emission reduction, waste utilization, and efficient recovery.

If you have any requirements or inquiries about oil sludge treatment equipment and solutions, please contact GN Solid Control.