GN OST-02B of oil-containing sludge set equipment is sent to the domestic site in China

Last week, GN Solids Control completed a set of 2M3 /H oil sludge treatment systems for domestic market customers. As a professional mud pre -processing equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control has provided high -quality products and services to global customers over the years.

The following is the main component of the GN Solids Control pneumatic processing system:

1. Premix heating module

The GN Solids Control pre -hybrid heating device is the preferred process for processing high density and large viscosity sludge, which is not easy to transport because it is not diluted. GN Solids Control By premature and filtering the mud in the raw material pool, the mud can be removed smoothly. A chemical plus device is connected to this device, which is used to add emulsion and other potential agents.

2. Separation module

The separation equipment is a three -phase processing device that can separate oil -containing sludge into oil, water and mud. The pre -processing sludge is pumped into the GNZS752J pneumatic shale shaker, which effectively removes larger particles in the sludge. Usually solids greater than 100 microns can be removed by vibration screen. The wastewater discharged from the clay vibration sieve enters the 220mm-to-stock diameter and the decanter centrifuge GNLW224ET is further separated from solid solid fluid. It can remove solids above 2-5 microns and thinner particles from the liquid. In order to make the oil and water separation more thoroughly, the GN Solids Control provides a 3-phase disc separator GNSD-40 after the two-phase snail is centrifugal.


The 2m3 /h pneumatic processing system is a standard processing device, which makes it easy to move between different places. GN SOLIDS Control also offers a larger standard processing device of 5M3 /H and 15M3 /H for continuous processing of mud. Usually according to on -site usage, GN Solids Control will customize the sludge processing system so that customers can get an economic effective solution.