Mechanical speed adjusted screw pump for feeding centrifuge

Oil drilling centrifuge is used for solids control service, to separate the fine solids from drilling mud. Stable working pressure pump with smooth liquid flow can add better performance on the centrifuge. GN Solids Control is China No.1 centrifuge manufacturer with professional experience on centrifuge operation and feed pump choice.

For solids control and drilling cuttings treatment equipment supplier, 2015, focus on GN Solids Control.

 1) Fixed speed screw pump

GN Solids Control choose top screw pump supplier Netzsch Germany brand pump. After many years cooperation, Netzsch & GN have built long terms cooperation relation with reliable quality, reliable delivery time and competing price. The positive displacement pump is single screw pump, can feed centrifuge without shearing the mud or without agitating the mud, slow inner flow speed, remains stable capacity, steady pressure, no Vertex will be generated with this screw pump.

If the end user wants one variable speed match with centrifuge, we can offer separate VFD control panel to control the motor frequency on the pump.

 2) Mechanical speed adjusted screw pump

If people don’t want the separate VFD control panel, we can also offer mechanical speed adjusted screw pump. However, the cost is much higher than general pump and also the delivery time is much longer. As many customer are pretty familiar with this kinds of pump, the end user prefer to this pump.

The feeding function is almost same with pump with separate VFD control panel.

mechanical speed adjusted screw pump

 3) Slurry pump

Screw pump can only installed horizontally. For some special working conditions, the pump need to be installed vertically and slurry pump may be better choice. This pump can be customize on the submersible length and suck from the bottom of the drilling mud or slurry.

4) Centrifugal pump

 Centrifugal pump cannot be used for feeding centrifuge. It will shear and agitate the drilling mud strongly. However, it can be used to flush or clean the centrifuge if the mud is water based mud.  For oil based mud centrifuge cleaning, the centrifuge can be self-cleaning after rotating 15 minutes without feeding.

GN Solids Control is professional Centrifuge and feed pump supplier from China. We have support on many solids control service company from all over the world. Pls contact us freely for any further information.

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