Introduction of GN solids control armored mud recovery system

Introduction of GN so control armored mud recovery system

First, the mud recovery system

The GN solids control armored mud recovery system is a mud circulation system that is designed and manufactured by GN Company according to the user’s requirements and according to the customer’s specific requirements for the treated mud. The system utilizes the flocculation dosing system to improve the processing capacity of the centrifuge. The system is powered by the GNG30A-075/GNG30A-075D screw pump. The user can select different dosing positions and dosing types of the flocculation system to make the mud have Different flocculation effects, so that the mud centrifuge achieves the desired satisfactory treatment effect, and the treated particulate matter is excluded from the system by the screw conveyor.

Mud recovery system

Second, the basic performance of the mud recovery system

1. The system has two warehouses: one is the mixing chamber, and the other is the storage chamber after the mud treatment; the whole system can remove most of the solid particles above 2μm after being processed by the centrifuge.

2. The mixing tank is equipped with a heating rod, and the customer can also replace the heating rods of different models and powers according to the needs of use.

3, design mud processing capacity: 5 m3 / h, rated mud processing capacity: 5m3 / h, adapt to the environment: -15 ° ~ 50 °.

4. Adapt to mud viscosity: ≤45 S.

5. Adapt to climatic conditions: rain, snow, fog weather.

6. It can work continuously under rated power.

7. Working height range: It can work normally at altitude ≤ 2500 m, and it can work effectively when the altitude is ≥ 2500 m.

8. All equipments of the system are mature technology new products, and the technical performance meets the relevant requirements of SY/T5612-2007 “Design Specification for Petroleum Drilling Fluid Solid Phase Control Equipment”.

9. The whole machine has reasonable design, compact structure, flexible combination, advanced technology, convenient operation and maintenance, and safe and reliable performance.

10. The system is easy to dispatch, transfer and transport, and can meet the domestic and foreign road transport regulations.

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