GN solids control water-based drilling fluid waste while drilling treatment system

GN solids control specializes in the development and manufacture of drilling mud solids control systems and drilling waste treatment equipment. GN solids control is the leading brand of solid control equipment at home and abroad. We have established branches in the US and Russia.

The water-based mud drilling fluid waste-processing system designed and developed by GN solids control is described as follows:

First, the system consists of:

1. Material collection and transmission system

2, cuttings dry processing system

3. Waste mud and wastewater solid-liquid mixture modulation system

4, centrifugal separation and dehydration system

5. Drilling treatment system

6, electronic control system

Water-based drilling fluid waste while drilling treatment system

Water-based drilling fluid waste while drilling treatment system

Second, the system industry characteristics

1, cuttings collection + cuttings dry + curing treatment system

The use of cuttings collection tank, screw conveyor, drill chip dryer, and cutting chip solidification system is beneficial to the treatment of different solid control systems under the condition of a drilling drill to discharge waste cuttings and carrying mud or running pulp. The harmless treatment of the drill cuttings with mud is also conducive to the rapid drying and semi-automation of cuttings treatment. It is easy to realize the safe disposal of cuttings and realize the clean production of drilling.

2, waste mud modulation + centrifugal separation dehydration system

The waste slurry generated by cementing and clearing can be broken and stabilized by a high-efficiency composite type breaker. It realizes fast and efficient solid-liquid separation of waste mud, saves floor space, and can fully realize the rapid gel breaking and stabilization treatment of waste mud.

The mud centrifuge processing module will be separated and dehydrated by adding waste mud such as gel breaking and flocculation. The initial rapid separation of the mud water is achieved, and the effluent is relatively clarified and the mud cake is formed.

3. Drilling sewage air flotation + precision filtration system

The sewage separated by the centrifuge is subjected to flocculation oxidative decolorization and emulsified oil demulsification separation treatment through a first-stage high-efficiency shallow air flotation device. Realize the flocculation separation, oxidative decolorization and petroleum-based removal treatment of small and medium organic matter in drilling wastewater. Then use high-fiber ball filter for high-precision filtration treatment to achieve wastewater reuse or efflux standard treatment.

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