How to Size Mud Agitator

Mud agitator is one important part of mud system, since GN Solids Control supply solids control equipments to Jidong Oilfield, there are 16 mud sotorage tanks, and each tank is used with 2 mud tank agitators. As we have introduced the mud tank agitator, here comes a more interesting question: how to size mud agitator.
I have give some Purchase Tips:

Please contact GN Solids Control representative with your tank dimensions and maximum mud weights for the correct agitator model, horsepower, impeller (size, type and quantity), and shaft length to meet your requirements.

  • Mud Tank Dimensions

Mud tank dimension is used to confirm the length of the shaft and the type of the impellers.

  • Motors

Which brand do you prefer, do you need explosion prevent motors.

  • Gear box

This is the key part of tank agitator. Inch-bound is always needed. How to matching with the motor, and which rotate ratio is you really need.(Usually 60 or 72r/min)
P.S. : Contact GN Solids Control to get more professional advice.

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