GN Solids Control Equipment in CNPC

A few days ago, our engineer comes back from Jidong Oilfield, and take some pictures of solids control equipment used in Jidong Oilfield, which is one part of CNPC.

They are used for a lot of years, and it keeps working very well even now, they are famous brand, and very expensive, but they deserve that. And then, after cooperating with GN Solids Control for a few times, we found a trustworthy company in China, I think. One of a leader in Jidong Oilfield.

After a series of trial order, Jidong finally purchase mud system from us, 16 mud storage tanks, and mud agitators compared with, and jet mud agitators, and so on. If it works well, they would cooperate widely with us for more solids control systems.
And GN will always keeping the principle, Quality First! And in the near future, not only Jidong, more and more uers of solids control system clients will choose us. Feel free to click here to contact.

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