High -ranking non -excavated mud recovery system

GN Solids Control is a professional drilling mud treatment equipment manufacturer. The crown can have two series of mud processing systems. The D series is a economy mud treatment system. The B series is a high -profile mud treatment system. The D series products are mainly used for the purification and recycling of mud. It does not have the function of storing mud and mixed mud. It requires additional configuration of slurry tanks and mixture equipment. B series products integrate mud purification and recycling, mud storage, and mud mixing functions, and are divided into multi -level purification treatment, which can meet the needs of high -end and large and medium -sized rigs. This article mainly introduces high -profile mud treatment systems. The main characteristics are as follows:

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The standardized and styling design of many years of experience is comprehensive. The product has strong applicability, reasonable structure, and stable operation. Multifunctional integrated design can meet the functions of mud cleaning, mixed mud, storage, etc. Self -cleaning design, reducing the tank cleaning work, compact structure and strong separation ability. All the electrical control systems use explosion -proof, dustproof, and waterproof crown energy control boxes, and use Siemens or Schneid Electric Electric Components. The guardrail adopts a foldable design to facilitate disassembly transportation.

With a straight line shale shaker, the shale shaker can reach 7.5g, which can be adjusted. The bottom frame of the stainless steel sieve box, combined with a compressed sieve box seal protection, has a long service life. The vibration motor uses an international brand OLI or Martin, USA. The vibration spring is a rubber -wrapped type, extending the service life and reducing noise. Wedding sieve network installation to meet the requirements of fast disassembly.

The all -in -one machine uses a stuck polyurethane rotor, which has a long service life and easy to repair. 10-inch sandwiches, separation particle size 40-60um, 4 inches to remove mud rotor, separate particle size 20-40um, to meet the requirements of duplicate mud.

The centrifugal pumps in the remaining supporting devices are all mechanically sealed and have a long service life. The mixer adopts a direct Flat -connected formula, the FAG brand deceleration machine bearing, the structure is compact and runs stable. The mud gun nozzle and the firing dragon nozzle are made of wear -resistant polyurethane material. The paint adopts the Japanese brand epoxy zinc -rich ocean heavy anticorrosive paint.

The GN high -profile mud recovery system can be designed to be designed as a pilomy type, hydraulic lifting type, and a fast movement requirements for car to meet different operating conditions. GN Solids Control is the first domestic solid control equipment manufacturing company to launch a hydraulic lifting mud recovery system, which is exported to Australia, the Middle East, Russia and other regions.

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