GN low noise solid vacuum pump is used for soil pressure balance shield sludge transportation project

As a well -known domestic solid control equipment manufacturer, Gn Solids Control has passed multiple certifications such as API, HSE, CE, ISO 9001, and has more than 40 patents. So far, GN Solids Control has provided solid control equipment for more than 70 countries and regions, such as vibration sieves, mud removal, sand device, centrifugal pump, diving pump, vacuum pump, etc.

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For this mute solid vacuum pump, when designing the GN Solids Control engineer, it placed it in the mute shell to cover the entire solid vacuum pump. The GNSP40B vacuum pump in the shell is perfectly combined with the mute device, which will not cause unnecessary movement to ensure the stability of the vacuum pump inhalation and exclusion process, reduce unnecessary noise generation, and the silent device can further weaken the sound of the vacuum pump when working normally. As a result, noise decibel control is controlled within the customer’s requirements. Its unique structural design enables it to operate in a difficult environment. The maintenance rate is low, and it can transport solids, liquids or solid -liquid mixtures and high -gravity materials with good liquidity. Its working principle is that the efficient Venturi device generates up to 25 -inch HG vacuum in the case of strong airflow and sucks materials and pure gas moving equipment. The mute solid vacuum pump provided this time contributed sweaty to the shield sludge.

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