GN vacuum pump selling Africa for drilling waste cleaning Project

This week, Gn Solids Control has completed the production and manufacturing of two sets of solid vacuum pumps. The GN SOLIDS Control vacuum pump is a purely aerodynamic conveyor pump. The two sets of vacuum pump models provided for African customers this time are GNSP-10B and GNSP-40B.

As we all know, the waste at the oil drilling site is usually high and has a certain viscosity. For example, the drilling cuttings discharged from  shale shaker are difficult to transport the general transport pump, but the solid particles only need to be less than 75 mm and have a certain liquidity. GN The Solids Control vacuum pump can complete the transportation task, and the transport distance can reach up to 1,000 meters.


Among the two vacuum pumps provided by African customers, the vacuum pump of the model GNSP-40B is used for the conveying of on-site drilling waste, which avoids the drop of waste caused by using other devices such as excavators and other wastes to protect the on-site environment. At the same time, hazardous disclosure may occur at the time of drilling. It needs to be cleaned in time. The routine manual cleanup speed is slow, and the on -site operation is delayed. However, using the model GNSP-10B vacuum pump with GN unique pulp, it can be used as an industrial vacuum cleaner to quickly clean up the scene. This vacuum pump is equipped with wheels underneath.

The GN SOLIDS Control vacuum pump can also be used for the cleaning of mud tanks. During the drilling process, the type of mud is needed to clean the mud can. The waste mud after washing the tank can use the vacuum pump for suction and clean up to improve efficiency. When the sludge pit is processed, the conventional transportation equipment is difficult to transport the sludge. It can be transported by the crown can be used to solve the incurable diseases.

The conventional vacuum pump is made of carbon steel. If you encounter special materials, GN Solids Control can also provide a vacuum pump for stainless steel.

GN Solids Control has delivered multiple sets of solid vacuum pumps for domestic and foreign customers for many years, and has obtained high -quality feedback from customers. If you are about equipment requirements or plan consultation on this area, you are welcome to call GN solid control.

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